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Torrey Washdown Stainless Steel Bench Scale Ideal for Food, Chemical

Torrey Washdown Stainless Steel Bench Scale Ideal for Food, Chemical

Tor-Rey EQB-50/100-W NTEP Certified Waterproof Scale. The EQB-50/100-W features stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed indicator ideal for seafood packers, slaughterhouses, poultry, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies and more. The EQB-50/100-W is an ideal tool for your business, featuring a totally sealed indicator to guarantee excellent performance in humid environments. The AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery includes an auto power-off function to save power. The large stainless steel base is designed to handle the rough demands of every day weighing. With a footprint of only 15x 19, this scale meets the needs of your business while requiring minimal space. The EQB-50/100-W also features an easy to read display mounted on a 19stainless steel pillar. With a capacity of 100 lbs x. 02 lbs, this scale provides the precision you need to help maximize your profits. Attractively designed and tough enough for everyday professional use, the EQB-50/100-W will be a welcomed addition to your business. Whether you are packing seafood or weighing poultry in a slaughterhouse, the EQB-50/100-W will meet the weighing needs of your business. IDEAL FOR: Seafood Packers Slaughterhouses Poultry Restaurants Fertilizing Companies Pharmaceuticals and more. SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity: 50 kg / 100 lbs Precision: 01 kg /. 02 lbs 15x 19Stainless Steel Platter Hermetically Sealed Indicator Built-In Rechargeable Battery AC Adapter Operating Temp: 14 to 104F.
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