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AND GF-12K Precision Balance 12000gX0.1g

AND GF-12K Precision Balance 12000gX0.1g

A&D® – GF-12K – Precision Balance

GF-K utilizes A&D’s revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor® (SHS) technology. SHS improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point parallelogram load cell technologies. Its unique design provides the fastest response speed in its class – just 1.5 seconds!

Special Features:

  • External Calibration
  • Auto Environmental Compensation ensures the optimal performance of the device at all times
  • IP-65/NEMA4 protection against dust and spills, stainless steel weigh pan
  • Standard RS-232C bi-directional communication
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant to either AD-8121B printer or computer. Transmits date, time, ID number, serial number and calibration data
  • Data Memory Function
  • Multiple Weighing Modes
  • Quick Reference Operation Card
  • Time and date built-in and complies with GLP and Interval Weighing in the Data Memory Function
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Standard WinCT Software
  • A&D’s exclusive SHS Technology, maximum response speed & minimal maintenance costs
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Specifications:
    A&D – GF-12K
    Pan Size8.3 x 10.6″ / 211 x 269mm
    Units of measureg, kg, oz, lb, lb-oz, ozt, dwt, ct, mm, GN, pcs, %, custom
    Linearity±0.2 g
    Repeatability (standard deviation)0.1 g
    Sensitivity drift (10°C to 30°C / 50°F-80°F)±3 ppm/°C
    Counting mode min. unit mass0.1g
    Percentage mode min. 100% reference mass10 g
    External calibration mass5, 10 kg
    Stabilization timeApprox. 1.5 seconds (typical in FAST mode)
    Operating temperature5°C to 40°C / 41°F to 104°F, RH less than 85% (No condensation)
    Display refresh5 times per second (stable) / 10 times per second
    Counting mode sample size10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
    Percent mode min. 100% display0.01%, 0.1% , 1% (depending on reference mass)
    External dimensions (W x D x H)300 x 355 x 111mm / 11.81 x 13.98 x 4.37″
    Net weight8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs
    • GX-04K (Comparator Output) and GX-06K (Analog Output) replace standard RS-232C port. Only one option per balance.
    • Use the GX-07K optional water proof RS-232C cable, in order to use the standard RS-232C Iinterface for water and dust proof (IP65)
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