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Radwag PS 4500.X2.M Precision Balance 4500g x 0.01g

Radwag PS 4500.X2.M Precision Balance 4500g x 0.01g

SKU: PS4500X2M
PS X2.M is a series of advanced-class precision balances of high resolution based on RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology. The innovative construction of PS X2.M balance features a new single-point weighing pan fastening, which ensures its excellent geometry and minimizes eccentricity error. The labyrinth-shape fastening guarantees excellent resistance to contamination. RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology enables weighing loads with the readability of d=0.01 g at the maximum capacity of 10 kg. Rigid base ensures stability of the weighing system and great resistance to shocks. Internal adjustment system means precision and high measurement repeatability. Leverage of internal weight mass enables adjustment within the whole measuring range. Features: d=0.01 g readability at 10 kg max capacity great resistance to ambient conditions stability and repeatability over time RADWAG MonoBLOCK technology internal adjustment within the whole measuring range complex databases and ALIBI memory ergonomic 5” colour touchscreen touch-free operation Databases The instrument allows saving completed measurement data as complex reports and graphs. There are 7 databases: Operators (max 100 entries), Products (max 5 000 entries), Weighings (max 50 000 entries), Packaging (max 100 entries) Formulations (max 100 entries), Customers (max 1000 entries), The balance enables creating formulation reports (max 500 entries). ALIBI memory provides data protection and facilitates automatic measurement recording (max 500 000 weighing records). The memory facilitates data previewing, copying and archiving. Communication PS X2.M series is equipped with the following interfaces: 2 x RS 232, USB type A, USB type B, Ethernet and Wireless Connection. USB allows for fast transfer and copying of work results (measurements, reports, databases) to a computer or other weighing device. The balance provides possibility of remote data management.
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